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30 minutes - $55
60 minutes - $85
90 minutes - $115

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All massages are done with organic coconut oil or jojoba and include complimentary aromatherapy.

Swedish massage helps you relax and de-stress

Swedish Massage

This classic massage style uses soothing strokes to enhance relaxation, reduce stress, improve circulation, lower blood pressure, enhance lymph flow, and boost the immune system. Gentle rocking helps to relieve held tension and promote deeper relaxation. Reconnect the body and the spirit.

Sports massage is great for flushing out the muscles after a hard workout

Sports Massage

This massage style is very similar to Swedish but is more upbeat using quicker, deeper, and more muscle-specific movements. Great for the weekend warrior or elite athlete to reduce muscle soreness, enhance performance, reduce chance of injury, rehabilitation of injury, and increase the lifetime of the athlete.

Deep massage helps with pain management and postural alignment

Deep Massage

A deep massage without pain, using the Lauterstein method of deep massage to relax, de-stress, and add length to your body through myofascial release and pressure point work.

The human body has a specific design and postural preference to allow for comfortable weight bearing. When the body is out of the best postural pattern, discomfort, chronic pain, compensations, dysfunctions, or inactivity can result. This type of bodywork can help the body to return to the best posture to allow grace and efficiency of movement.

Pregnancy massage helps the expectant mother adjust to her changing body

Pregnancy Massage

Side-lying massage for the expectant mother that focuses on relaxing and relieving sore muscles and joints for more comfortable weight bearing. Massage during pregnancy provides many benefits. It enhances circulation, supporting the work of your heart and increasing the oxygen and nutrients delivered to your baby. It can relieve the sensation of heaviness and aching in your legs caused by swelling or varicose veins. It can optimize your muscle tone and function, relieve muscle strain and fatigue, and reduce strain on your joints. Pregnancy massage reduces stress and promotes relaxation, contributing to a healthier pregnancy. Expectant mothers can only receive massage after 12 weeks (after first trimester) and should notify the therapist of high-risk pregnancies.

Post-Surgery massage helps speed recovery and healing after a surgery

Post-Surgery Massage

Post-Surgery massage helps speed recovery and healing after a surgery. This form of massage is great for addressing the adhesions, scar tissue, swelling and bruising after a surgery. Using several different techniques including skin rolling and myofacial release to break down the adhesions to create better range of motion and pain-free movement and effleurage to promote circulation, healing and reduction of bruises. This modality also works with the lymphatic system to help reduce swelling and promote healing.

Shiatsu works on the energy meridians to balance the body


The Chinese form of acupressure to stimulate the movement of energy in the body through the meridian channels. Increases joint mobilization and flexibility, improves circulation and lymph flow, relieves muscular and emotional tension, and stimulates internal organs to strengthen the immune system and clear toxins from the body. This session is typically performed on a mat on the floor, so please wear comfortable clothing.

Hungarian massage focuses on the legs to enhance circulation

Hungarian Refreshing Massage

Inspired by a trip to Hungary to visit the baths, we are now offering this different style of massage. The techniques rejuvenate and refresh the body, focusing on the legs to enhance circulation and improve wellbeing. Come and experience this Hungarian style massage without having to leave the country!

Services and pricing subject to change without notice.

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